Hi there,

My name is Sanaz and I Love2cook4u!   ;)

Cooking has always been a great passion in my life. My joy for cooking gets completed when I see people at the table chatting, eating, and having a great time with each other. That is when I get total satisfaction. Good food, at our tables, can double, triple and multiply our health and happiness among the people we love. So, I believe in food and I believe that I can make people happy with good dishes from my land of origin-Iran-and other countries.

My journey began when I got to know Thuisafgehaald.nl. I loved the concept of sharing meal with the neighbors and having a friendly chat with them. Having the quench for trying out more dishes for larger groups, I became the caterer of Thuisafgehaald and learned how to devise menus for different occasions for different groups.

So, here I am ….

If you have guest/guests, go ahead and contact me at sanaz@love2cook4u.nl! we can think together and devise the best menu. I will cook with love and best ingredients for you!!! ;)